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Our Family Will Take Care of Yours With Affordable Vehicles and Services

Since 1981, Craige Motor Company has been selling quality used vehicles to the residents of Durham, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. Owned by Walt Winfrey, we are the second oldest dealership in Durham. Led by Walt's vision, we believe that providing a wide range of vehicles affords our customers the opportunity to find the mode of transport that best suits their needs, all under one roof.

Whether you are just starting off, looking for your first set of wheels, or planning on an addition to the family, you will find the vehicle you are looking for. We offer entry-level, mid-size, full-size, luxury, and economy cars as well as minivans, full-size vans, and even the occasional classic car or RV. Please stop by and have a friendly discussion with us. We'd love to meet you!

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Craige Motor Company

1102 S. Duke Street  |  Durham, NC
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